In the quest " The Brand Holds the Key " on The Maelstrom server, Brethlun the Brand is stuck and is evading every attack. He's also not respawning since he is still alive, making the quest not doable. 4 Likes Futsuka-bronzebeardNovember 27, 2020, 12:44pm #2 same here, waiting for blizz to fix it.. "/>

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COMPACT DESIGN - Stapler holds a half strip of 105 staples. Compact design is ... SECURES 40 SHEETS - Strong stapler fastens up to 40 sheets of paper. Brand new Swingline Half - strip Stapler - Desktop Stapler - 25 Sheets - First Seen Here Single Detail Page Misc. In the quest " The Brand Holds > <b>the</b> <b>Key</b>" on The Maelstrom server, Brethlun the <b>Brand</b> is stuck.

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